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User #173818, 32 г., от Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom

165lbs (75kg), 5' 8" (174cm)

I have a great sense of humour and I'm very creative, I'm polite and friendly. I'm a BioMed student by day but I like spending my spare time with friends, going to the cinema, walking or staying in and reading a book or watching TV or a film. I see myself as a collector of ideas so I’m a big fan of fantasy, sci-fi and phi-fi genres of books, films and TV. I like role playing with my friends. I’m interested in the humanities and science and technology type subjects. I’d like to start writing short stories soon and hopefully get something published. I want to learn foreign languages so that I can expand the areas of the world accessible to me and learn of different cultures more directly. And I like to work out regularly either at the gym or swimming pool. At the moment I'm looking for someone to chat with as a pen pal. I like new horizons and learning to see the world from a different perspective would be great. As to anything else I'd just like to see what happens, hopefully everlasting love is just around the corner)))

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