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Gustaf, 48 г., от Zenon Pereira, Santa Fe, Argentina

266lbs (121kg), 5' 6" (170cm)

Due to health problems I ONLY SEEK FRIENDSHIP BY MAIL AND ONLY BY MAIL .NO WSAPP BY THE MOMENT,with heterosexual woman, educated and respectful cultured which likes reading, , gardening, dogs and aquarium fish and pond fish, music (No cumbia, no reggeaeaeton), interested in her inner personal and spiritual development. God`s fearing that can speak at least one foreign language. With a great sense of humor naive, sarcastic, ironic, Laugh with people and never of them. I would especially like to find a hypersensitive woman. an H.S.P. me.(Is not an illness) (type H.S.P. in your Searching Engine please.I am begging you. Do it please. I Was born abroad brought and adopted in Argentina. Still looking for my origin An H.S.P. woman (Highly Sensitive Person) who practices meditation and / or yoga, both or similar disciplines. I do not drink I do not smoke. I do not have or need television. I do not listen to radio (neither programs nor news) Do not use mail as a therapy, zero politics, zero ponography. I do not like football, soccer,cars, motorcycles or sports related MY HEALTH`S PROBLEMS READY TO REJECT AND DISCRIMINATE ME WITH CURSE WORDS? GO ON READING PLEASE Single man, never married, without kids I am almost bald By my health I will not have my own family so surely all my problems made me an infertile man I have a dental prothesis produced by my bone`s decalcification I am extremely overweight, I have hypotyroidism., under medical treatment with a psychiatrist and a psychologist. I have bone decalcification so I am using dental prothesis I have depression,phobias and panic attacks and I tried to commit suicide. Now I am a human spoil (Trash) Why do you want to ruin your life with a man like me? SO IF YOU STILL INTERESTED IN ME AFTER READING MY DESCRIPTION .COULD LET US TRY WHERE FRIENDSHIP LEAD US?. Thank you so much. God Bless You

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